Aynes – The Girl Makes The World


Physical album will be released on Friday, November 19th, 2021

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Physical album will be released on Friday, November 19th, 2021

Side One
Hold On
Sometimes being apart from your lover is unbearable. Aynes is asking her loved one to “Hold On” until they can be together again.

Intoxicating Wine
Intoxicating Wine was inspired by “A Bouquet of Poems” by Haim Vitali Sadacca. The poems are composed in Ladino. An ancient form of Spanish that our familia still speaks.

Where You Going?
This song speaks to the joy of simply going somewhere, anywhere with your lover. A very fun song. “We’ll eat a lot of chocolate and it won’t break your wallet” Who can argue with that?

My Dog Bites
Yes it does. It bites hard when you fuck with me. “Let it out, get it out, get those (stupid) words right out of your mouth”!

See You Again
Even though we’ve agreed to separate, I can’t help being overwhelmed with emotion when I see you. The feelings are uncontrollable. The heart speaks for the head.

Work Hard Play Hard
Is a tribute to our fitness trainer, Alina. Alina is a very tough woman from Bucharest. Her workouts are merciless. The pain is worth it if you can survive the session!

Xmas 1980
This song a tribute to Abba. I love the groove in the song, “Lay all your love on me”. I can never be as great as Abba but please accept this small token of our love for them.

Side Two
The Girl Makes The World
Women are universally abused by men in one form or another in most cultures. This song asks the listener to understand that women make the world, the world doesn’t make the girl.

Just a great song about reuniting. It’s so good to reunite with good friends. Yes, we stole the first line from “The only living boy in New York”.

16 Candles ( for us and the faithful)
One of my favorite songs on the album. Ever grateful Aynes has a glass that is half full in spite of the world’s glass being half empty.

Combustion Spontaneous
Love is fragile. It begins and ends with a spark. You can pray for a change in your partner but that change is far beyond your control.

Hello Bluebird
So much fun. Recorded in Nashville. Aynes found the bird sounds online and played them off her phone at the approbate time. It just worked perfectly!

I Don’t Ask Why
Also recorded in Nashville. Has a great Spanish guitar solo by Jacob Brody. Just a lovely love song.

“Compelling” was composed for a movie that never got made. Originally we were trying to echo the song, “Flashdance”.  Not sure if we succeeded but we did make it “more compelling”.

Bonus Digital Tracks 

Blame Me
Aynes asks that you blame everything on her no matter what so that you can get on with your life.

No, That’s My Heart
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Aynes does but her entire being is controlled by her heart.

Curb Appeal
You never want to buy the most expensive house on the block. You want to look like you own the most expensive house on the block! Need we say more?

Hard to believe but this song is about being Grateful! Which we all should be because life can change a moment’s notice. We are all very fortunate in our own way. Be grateful for what you have not what you don’t have. Sounds simple, right?

For Your Love
Another song inspired by the poems of Haim Vitali Sadacca. You can love someone so much that you wait for them outside their home just to get a glimpse. This activity can get you into serious trouble if you get caught!

Perfect Storm
Our meeting was a perfect storm. However, when you meet in a storm you can fall apart when the storm clears.

Walk Away
Sometimes you just have to “Walk Away”. It’s usually for the best if can do it.

My Screaming Voice
My tribute to mother earth and the frustration of trying to be steward of the earth. For example, try to avoid plastic for 24 hours. It is everywhere and even though we can sometimes feel powerless we still need to keep up the fight for our children’s sake. A great Earth Day song.