Reid Brody – Imitation Of Life


Physical album will be released on Friday, November 19th, 2021

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Physical album will be released on Friday, November 19th, 2021

Side One
Not Like the Other
“We think we’re not like the other, that’s what we’re telling each other” we are all the same. There is something in our lizard brains telling us that we’re not. Stay away from the lizard. Be a human being please!

Goin Down
My response to life in general. We all have good days and bad days. I tend to have more bad days than good days. On my bad days I feel like I am “goin’ down”

Just Just Another Day
Originally conceived as a song about being trapped inside during Covid. However, I still feel trapped inside as we emerge out of Covid. I love the line about cancelling, “the landline”. Which is the last line in the song!

I Just Can’t Go On
Love this song. Great chorus in my opinion. Sometimes love does not go our way. Or should I say, most of the time, love does not go our way. “It honks and it squeals like but this doesn’t feel like love”….

Stuck In Me
Have you ever felt trapped in yourself? I have. There are times when I try to get around myself but I always stop me. We all find ourselves repeating the same patterns as if we are following a script. That script is programmed into us. Only we can break out of ourselves.

Not Recording
Sometimes in the midst of recording a project you need to take a break. Even though it is so much fun to write and record it can become overwhelming. This song is simply about the joy of taking a break from the day to day.

Perhaps my favorite song on the album. I sometimes feel like we are caught in the talons of something insidious. No matter how hard we try we cannot escape the downward path. I think it is something in our nature as human beings. Oftentimes we fall short on the human side and simply become beings. I hope there are enough of us to turn this ship around.

Side Two
Mr. Cheney
Evil does exist. He personifies it.

The Rain
I love the rain. Nothing we can do to stop it. It seems to be getting more severe with climate change. This song is not about climate change though. It is about the storm inside of us and the power of a good cry.

And You Know Just What To Say (Sheeit)
There are those among us who always have something to say. Their mouths move but usually self centered psycho drama is all that emerges. I was once involved with a narcissist. SHEEEEEIT!

Let It Run
Everyone holds something that they believe to be true and they usually reveal their truth within 5 minutes of meeting them. That’s ok I guess but unattainable. Can we all stop fighting for the time being. Close your phone!

Omar and Nina
Sad and somewhat autobiographical song. Omar is not longer on this earth. Nina is. She followed her script and created a life full of hardship for herself. She owns her mistakes but her life did not have to be this way.

All I Want
A nice song about loving your family and helping anyone who might require your help. You are G-d’s tool. That line is a small tribute to Marc Bolan. Check out “Beltane Walk”.

My Return
This is about a homecoming in which neither partner knows where they stand. Promises were made before the meeting but can they be kept is another matter. One of my favorites on the album.

Side Three

Don’t Want You Back (anymore)
Yep. Get out. Too much work. Time for you to go. Your sell buy date expired long ago. We all know that feeling.

See Us Fall
Is about us falling. Which we all do. Sometimes we say we try but we don’t we may want to try but prefer to wait for Godot.

Swan In The Garden
I came up with this line not realizing that there is a book by the same name. The book is much heavier than the song but book gives meaning to the song. Funny how that works. My apologies to Anne Biggs.

Golden Girl
I love this song. So much fun to play. Grab a guitar and get busy!

Some Folks
Some folks will minimize your problems while they maximize their own. As with any type of information, consider the source. Oftentimes, your best interests are ignored. The information exists only to serve an agenda.

The Road I Am On
For my son who is early in his journey. I will offer my advice if asked. Better to experience it firsthand but I will be in the background to keep you out of the minefields. No one should suffer needlessly.

Fuck both of our political parties. Both are equally corrupt and will do anything but govern. We need a third party. You can’t solve anything with only 2. Occupy people occupy!

Side Four

Wake Up Call
We all get wake up calls that we don’t answer. In this case, one party is saying the other that it is wrong to part. However, if they do part it is better to do it while they’re young. Remember to answer your lover’s wake up call if not you will suffer the consequences.

Daylight Savings Time
DST is something that i never understood. Originally a concept to help the farmers? It seems to me that the day is the same length regardless of when you start it. The premise of this song is that we should be making love in the hour lost. For what reason I am not sure but it sure sounds appealing.

Already Standing
Every day we stand ready to do whatever it is we do. Why do we get up in the morning? Usually because we will be homeless or starve if we don’t. This song is simply about bravely going about your day everyday because we have no choice but to do that.

Just a fun love song of which Emmaline is the subject. This song is nowhere near the greatness of the song of the same name by Hot Chocolate. Their version is much more serious. This is just for fun.

Doesn’t Feel Like Love
Sometimes love doesn’t feel like love. Actually most of the time love does not feel like love. It can “honk and squeal like but this doesn’t feel like love”! Put your capo on the forth fret and sing it with me!

The Other America
This song revolves around Elon who is a beloved figure in her very dangerous neighborhood. She knows everyone good and bad. However, a stray bullet has no name. A sad daily occurrence here in Chicago. At the end of “Soul Train” Don (Cornelius) would always say, “Peace love and soul” to us. Now we’re standing at your grave, in the other America”.

Goodbye Song
The obligatory song to end the album with. “How do you say goodbye, when you can’t say goodbye”? When missing our beloved ones not being able to say goodbye is one of life’s great tragedies.