Reviver Records is proud to announce the recent signing of multifaceted, multi-genre writer and performer David DeVaul. The former American Idol contestant has been in high demand as of late, writing songs for Josh Gracin, Aaron Goodvin, and collaborating with producer OHKI to create a country/hip-hop flavored EP titled Dixieland, available now. David has been cutting his teeth as a valued member of Reviver Publishing, experimenting with different genres like country, pop, soul, & hip-hop, and is excited to further his already blossoming career.

Reviver CEO David Ross states: “David DeVaul is one of those songwriters that has a keen sense of the elements that it takes to make a great song – honesty, authenticity and a musicianship that enables him to come away from a write with a powerful product that connects with both music lovers and our country music community. Reviver Publishing is proud to add David to our growing roster of talented, up and coming hit songwriters.”

Hailing from the small farm town of Britt, Iowa, David DeVaul was drawn to music at a very early age, leaning towards both rap and country music for the multitude of stories they tell. David honed his craft while working a number of odd jobs to help support his musical career, and wrote songs for Red Marlow from The Voice and Rayvon Owens from American Idol. David also serves on the board of 4:13 Strong – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disenfranchised men get back on their feet by providing educational, vocational and life-skill training to help them serve productive and rewarding lives.