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Halle Payne is a musician, storyteller, and activist with a fierce passion for writing her way to a better and more beautiful world. In her debut EP, “Everything I Already Knew But Forgot”, the East Nashville-based singer-songwriter explores deeply held values, fights for joy amidst growing pains, and learns to float down life’s rivers with her face turned towards the sky.

The musical love-child of Fiona Apple, Brandi Carlile, Adele, and Joni Mitchell, Halle’s music is earnest, heartfelt, and lyrically driven. After two years of cutting her teeth as a songwriter in Nashville, Halle’s debut EP showcases a finely tuned writing style and a bold determination to carve out her own lane as an artist, storyteller, and musician.

In her music, Halle Payne seeks to describe the world as it is, in the most honest, emotive, and true way she can. In her activism, Halle keeps an eye out for the re-imagining, the next place, the world beyond the haze of the world as we know it. Halle Payne is not stopping until the whole world is paying attention to her vision for life, love, and community. Her raspy, folk voice meets organic pop to create modern, perceptive ruminations — though she is unafraid to write music you want to get up and dance along to. Dancing Queen 2.0, one of the standout songs on her upcoming EP, is an ode to the freedom and power of learning your worth and coming into your joy as you age.

Halle exudes spark, authenticity, and insight in an unforgettable debut EP.