Kelly Ziegenfuss serves Reviver Music is a wide range of roles, complementing her over 15 years of marketing, public relations, advertising, and event planning experience. First, as Executive Assistant to David Ross, President and CEO of Reviver Music, Kelly provides daily administrative support, regulates communications, and coordinates scheduling and certain promotional activities, advertising and marketing. Kelly also works closely with Reviver Music’s marketing team and is involved with all aspects of advertising and the promotional components for various artists and projects across Reviver Records. Kelly also serves as Reviver Music’s Assistant Event Coordinator. In this role, she helps to organize events and their related details, planning, preparation, merchandising and set-up priorities at select venues. Lastly, as Reviver Music’s Product Manager, Kelly serves as the go-between with label sponsors, and attends events representing the label and its production company, Reviver Records Productions. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island.